Introduce Santa Claus truck driver’s fascinating adventures and gifts delivering for children on Christmas and New Year

You have to load and unload boxes with gifts with the help of a crane and feel the full realism of the difficulty of the gifts delivery to children and feel yourself like a real Santa Claus’s driver.

Furthermore, the winter open world and urban transport will take you in Christmas atmosphere of gifts delivery in and outside the city.
Cogitate the route and plan the trip to pass level and deliver gifts rapidly not losing precious cargo on a slippery winter road.

In the game, it is introduced different Santa Claus’s trucks which differ from one another and which are fundamentally diverse and will help to train you in management and transportation of various Christmas gifts for children.
More difficult level – more valuable gift and harder transportation and delivery to children which deserved it on Christmas and New Year 2018

Features of the game:
– A full-rate Santa Claus’s truck driver and crane operator simulator
– Winter open world with suburbs and city locations with Christmas atmosphere
– 7 different types of trucks with trailers
– Driving simulator which accurately reproduces all features of truck driving
– Availability to manage buttons and accelerometer
– Easy and hard passing regimes
– Quality graphic
– Christmas music
– Well planned winter landscape on each level
– Realistic level with traffic light and city traffic
– Transportation gifts of different size and shape


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December 21, 2017