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Try the new game simulator of a fire truck driving.
Install 3D fire truck driving simulator and check your quality of a fireman. And weather you can extinguish all the fires in the game.

Game about firemen – unusual and exciting game in which you need to pull through many obstacles on the way to the main heroic goal – save the city from fire. This difficult mission is a challenge only for brave and dexterous fireman.

Driving a fire truck is a complicated process that requires some efforts and concentration. The experience which you get from complicated and interesting levels is invaluable. Reach the maximum, which is capable for a fire truck. The game will be a great opportunity for children to try to solve problems, and for adults – a real fun.

– Lots of different levels
– 5 different fire trucks
– A realistic simulation of fire extinguishing
– High-quality realistic graphics
– Exciting 3D driving simulator
– Open World
– Great country music

Do you know how firefighters work? You have an opportunity to stay at the wheel and to fight a fire. Driving a large fire truck will make you nervous – whether it’s simply a truck or a fire truck. But the process of extinguishing the fire will seriously carry you away.

A game about a fire truck is what you need to spend good time.

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June 6, 2016