Game Big Truck Hero 2 allows you to become a real street hero – a truck driver!
There are different European trucks in the game and not only. Each truck has many improvements, which provides an exciting experience of driving and operating a truck.

A variety of missions and routes are waiting for you: a play for a time, rough terrain and trails, a search for the best routes not to damage goods or a truck. If you damage them, you’ll be charged. The higher professionalism – the better will be the final result and faster development.

Travel, carry a variety of goods through a huge, realistic, open world. Do tasks, earn money, buy new trucks and upgrades, explore the world of trucks!

Thanks to improvements, create your own truck! Become the king of the road, playing Big Truck Hero 2!

• 5 models of trucks
• Realistic world with cities and towns
• Drive along city roads and highways
• A simple operation (accelerometer, buttons or steering)
• Realistic weather conditions
• A realistic penalty system
• A view from the cab for each truck model
• Realistic engine sounds
• An improved AI traffic system
• Different types of missions and a variety of cargoes
• Excellent blues music


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April 9, 2018